Winter weather and Skin care

Let’s talk skin care shall we? Who knew that at 30… something =) I would be dealing with more acne then I did my freshman year of high school? Because, hormones. Aggghhhh. Then add in some new wrinkles and winter coming so now acne prone, dry skin is a thing. Y’all being a woman isn’t for the faint of heart. Here I am though and I am learning skin care is so important. Wish I had learned this lesson a little earlier but it is what it is.

My skin care routine has changed a lot to say the least. My morning and night routine are very important to me and help me combat this mess and bitter cold weather we are having in Misery, I mean Missouri. I had a friend introduce me to Beauty Counter when I was mention all my new found problems and so far I am loving it. Mind you I have oily/ combination skin with dark spots and large pores. (Thanks Mom.) But here is what has been working for me.



I use the CounterControl system that is for acne prone oily skin. It truly is heavenly. My go to items are all pictured above. Girlfriend, let me tell you want baby smooth skin at 34? This may be for you and my girl Lindsey can hook you up with beauty counter so let me know if you need her deets.

Morning Routine:

I start with the face wash which isn’t pictured here. (My bad it was in my shower and I forgot to grab it.) Then I use the toner and follow up with the moisturizer and spritz in a few sprays of the Rose Spray by Stella and Grace! I clean homes so that’s my general weekly morning routine. NO makeup on the average day because what is the point when I am going to probably sweat it off.


This keeps my skin clean and my pores from getting clogged. My breakouts and pesky pimples have decreased 85% since I have started this routine. Say What? Yes, it is working that well for me! Nights I do a little more and I take my time. It is my chance to unwind and wash away the day. It helps me to really calm my mind to relax and head to bed too. Don’t ask me how, it is just magical that way; and it works. lol


Night Routine: 

I start with the face wash. Then I use the toner follow up with the all over acne moisturizer and top with the moisturizer. After that I use my microneedle roller. I apply the Vitamin C serum when I am done micro needling my entire face and neck. Once I have patted that on my face I use my Jade Roller for around 5 minutes, then I spritz on a few sprays of the Rose Water Spray! My face feels sooooo darn amazing once I am finished.

A few more things that I do to help is drink LOTS of water. I can’t stress this enough. There are so many amazing benefits. Once a week I derma plane my face as well. Keeps it smooth and when I do wear makeup it helps keep it even. I add in a charcoal mask 2 times a week and eye mask every few weeks to help with brightness under my eyes.


I have made it a habit to read more on skin care, preventions and products. Keep yourself familiar with what you are using and the benefits; regardless of the products you choose! My biggest tip to anyone at ANY age would be to start now and use sunblock. Your skin will thank you!

Stay Luminous Babes,