Our Summer Bucket List



We have been in full summer mode for awhile and we have been loving it but also trying to find as many things as possible to keep us cool! It’s soooo hot here. Lots of time swimming and lots of ice cream. Hello glorious summer!! The boys asked me if we could make a list of stuff they want to do for summer. (They get the list making from their momma =) I of course obliged and now we are in full check it off the list mode. Starting ASAP so we can get it all in before school starts back up.

Good thing we have already done some of these things because the boys list is full of FUN stuff. This momma wishes more than anything that Sweet Summertime lasted a little longer, but that’s what makes it sweet doesn’t it? You have to make the best of the time you get. How do you fit in all the fun summer festivities with your crew? I would love to hear and get more ideas! Here is our bucket list that we came up with. Check it out here Summer Bucketlist!!! 

IMG_8569 (1)

Hope you enjoy it and can get some ideas that will work for your family as well.