Keeping balance during the holidays!

Please tell me I am not the only one who struggles with this? Why is it that when Halloween is over we seem to go, “From the window to the wall….” for all the sweets and unhealthy food? I blame cold weather because it is simply the worse for me. I want all the cozy comfy clothes and comfort food. Please? And Thank you! If you aren’t like me than scroll on and I will just make this my own journal entry because I am definitely so freaking guilty of this every year…


So here is the thing; this year has been a lot about balance for me and here we are in the thick of all the holiday shenanigans and I am trying to apply balance here as well. This is what I am doing. Maybe something will resonate with you and you will be able to add it to your routine as well.

  • I allow myself treat and not “cheats”! I don’t know what it is about the mindset and changing those words, but it is magical. I don’t go crazy and I still try to reign it in, but I enjoy things as well. I want my eating to be a lifestyle and that means getting to also enjoy the things I love.
  • I have my treat but then pass on all the leftovers. I don’t allow myself to over indulge. This only ever results in me feeling terrible and being mad at myself for treating my body so badly.
  •  Drink LOTS of water! My body, skin and digestive system love me for this and I can’t stress enough how much better this makes me feel.
  •  I stay active even if I am staying in and out of the cold. Want to know some amazing workouts you can do at home, get awesome results and in a short amount of time let your girl know. There is no excuse. If you can move your body; then you are blessed and you need to move your body.
  •  Eat some extra goodies one day then I balance it with doing a little more work or adding in some extra healthy veggies the next day. Make sure to give your body what it needs and it will treat you well.

The holidays are about traditions, treats and wonderful time enjoying the things you love with those you love. Just remember what also makes you feel good. Keep those things in mind and find your own balance through the season and you will be thanking yourself come the New Year!


Love & Light Dolls,