Compassion during Pandemic


We are living through tough times right now and the level of how they affect each of us may be so different, but the fact is we are all going through this together. With constant waves of emotions and processing the stages of the Pandemic we are facing, it is important to keep in mind that we all need to stay calm, extend compassion and show constant kindness. We are all just doing our best to get through this, and doing that as a Community will help us through this process and in the coming months as we recover from the affects that will impact us all.

The unknown is a scary thing to try and grasp, but trust in knowing that we are resilient, and we will rise through this time. Pull together with your neighbors and support one another. Follow precautions and heed advice as we receive it.

Be kind to those you may be around and remember how nice it is to receive a smile. Anxieties are high and a little compassion goes such a long way. Support local as much as you can by using the guidelines set, because we need our local businesses just as much as they need us.

Help those you can that may not be able to do things themselves but practice social distancing. Stay connected through making phones call, social media and video chats. We are fortunate that we have the resources we do, and we should utilize them.

Most Churches are livestreaming their services, start a video chat book club or keep in touch with employees or friends in weekly chats. Most importantly stay safe and stay home if you can! Use this time to enjoy your families. Our Nation is so strong and we will weather this together and recover stronger than ever.

Just don’t forget that we are in this together and need to keep in mind that everyone has different views and opinions. Respect that and respect each other. Do you part in keeping others safe and helping however you can.

Kindness, Compassion, Consideration and Gratitude go a long way. Practice them often.

Love and Light,



Winter weather and Skin care

Let’s talk skin care shall we? Who knew that at 30… something =) I would be dealing with more acne then I did my freshman year of high school? Because, hormones. Aggghhhh. Then add in some new wrinkles and winter coming so now acne prone, dry skin is a thing. Y’all being a woman isn’t for the faint of heart. Here I am though and I am learning skin care is so important. Wish I had learned this lesson a little earlier but it is what it is.

My skin care routine has changed a lot to say the least. My morning and night routine are very important to me and help me combat this mess and bitter cold weather we are having in Misery, I mean Missouri. I had a friend introduce me to Beauty Counter when I was mention all my new found problems and so far I am loving it. Mind you I have oily/ combination skin with dark spots and large pores. (Thanks Mom.) But here is what has been working for me.



I use the CounterControl system that is for acne prone oily skin. It truly is heavenly. My go to items are all pictured above. Girlfriend, let me tell you want baby smooth skin at 34? This may be for you and my girl Lindsey can hook you up with beauty counter so let me know if you need her deets.

Morning Routine:

I start with the face wash which isn’t pictured here. (My bad it was in my shower and I forgot to grab it.) Then I use the toner and follow up with the moisturizer and spritz in a few sprays of the Rose Spray by Stella and Grace! I clean homes so that’s my general weekly morning routine. NO makeup on the average day because what is the point when I am going to probably sweat it off.


This keeps my skin clean and my pores from getting clogged. My breakouts and pesky pimples have decreased 85% since I have started this routine. Say What? Yes, it is working that well for me! Nights I do a little more and I take my time. It is my chance to unwind and wash away the day. It helps me to really calm my mind to relax and head to bed too. Don’t ask me how, it is just magical that way; and it works. lol


Night Routine: 

I start with the face wash. Then I use the toner follow up with the all over acne moisturizer and top with the moisturizer. After that I use my microneedle roller. I apply the Vitamin C serum when I am done micro needling my entire face and neck. Once I have patted that on my face I use my Jade Roller for around 5 minutes, then I spritz on a few sprays of the Rose Water Spray! My face feels sooooo darn amazing once I am finished.

A few more things that I do to help is drink LOTS of water. I can’t stress this enough. There are so many amazing benefits. Once a week I derma plane my face as well. Keeps it smooth and when I do wear makeup it helps keep it even. I add in a charcoal mask 2 times a week and eye mask every few weeks to help with brightness under my eyes.


I have made it a habit to read more on skin care, preventions and products. Keep yourself familiar with what you are using and the benefits; regardless of the products you choose! My biggest tip to anyone at ANY age would be to start now and use sunblock. Your skin will thank you!

Stay Luminous Babes,



Keeping balance during the holidays!

Please tell me I am not the only one who struggles with this? Why is it that when Halloween is over we seem to go, “From the window to the wall….” for all the sweets and unhealthy food? I blame cold weather because it is simply the worse for me. I want all the cozy comfy clothes and comfort food. Please? And Thank you! If you aren’t like me than scroll on and I will just make this my own journal entry because I am definitely so freaking guilty of this every year…


So here is the thing; this year has been a lot about balance for me and here we are in the thick of all the holiday shenanigans and I am trying to apply balance here as well. This is what I am doing. Maybe something will resonate with you and you will be able to add it to your routine as well.

  • I allow myself treat and not “cheats”! I don’t know what it is about the mindset and changing those words, but it is magical. I don’t go crazy and I still try to reign it in, but I enjoy things as well. I want my eating to be a lifestyle and that means getting to also enjoy the things I love.
  • I have my treat but then pass on all the leftovers. I don’t allow myself to over indulge. This only ever results in me feeling terrible and being mad at myself for treating my body so badly.
  •  Drink LOTS of water! My body, skin and digestive system love me for this and I can’t stress enough how much better this makes me feel.
  •  I stay active even if I am staying in and out of the cold. Want to know some amazing workouts you can do at home, get awesome results and in a short amount of time let your girl know. There is no excuse. If you can move your body; then you are blessed and you need to move your body.
  •  Eat some extra goodies one day then I balance it with doing a little more work or adding in some extra healthy veggies the next day. Make sure to give your body what it needs and it will treat you well.

The holidays are about traditions, treats and wonderful time enjoying the things you love with those you love. Just remember what also makes you feel good. Keep those things in mind and find your own balance through the season and you will be thanking yourself come the New Year!


Love & Light Dolls,



This Is Why You Need to Start Your Day With Intent and Purpose


One of my main goals at the start of this year was to begin each day with intent and purpose. I am so glad that I stuck with it; it has allowed me to appreciate every day and helped me focus on what’s important. My year has been full of setbacks, triumphs, accomplished goals, and shattered dreams. Without it all, I wouldn’t have been able to see that I can focus on my purpose every day no matter what is going on.

In order to achieve my main goal of living with purpose, I must focus on being intentional with my time and energy. There are small and simple ways of doing so, and I think everyone could benefit from some of them.

The first thing starts right when you wake up: stay unplugged.

Resist the urge to look at your phone. The emails, texts, and notifications will still be there in an hour. Take a few minutes and set your goals for the day, and make positive mental notes for how you want the day to go. You control your mindset and that affects how the rest of your day will play out. Make it count from the time you first wake.

Second, create a morning routine that works for you.

It’s easy to let ourselves go when we are so often taking care of other people. Setting aside time for myself in the morning has been my key to overcoming this battle. I wake before everyone else does, even when I am exhausted and sleeping in sounds so much better. My mental health needs that time each morning.

I start by feeding my cats and letting my dog outside. That way everyone is content, and I can focus on me. I like the quiet when I first wake. No noise at all and Lord bless the person who tries to talk to me before I have my first sip of coffee, the juice that fuels my soul. It is my breathe of fresh air as soon as I wake. (For you, it may be water, tea, or juice—just find something that you look forward to after getting out of bed!) After I grab my mug, I sit outside and take 30 minutes devoted to something that feeds my soul: my devotional, prayer, reading some of the current book I am working on. I also enjoy listening to the birds, taking deep, deliberate breaths, and stretching. You might even want to do a short yoga flow. Just get your blood circulating. Say your affirmations while you do this, and set the tone for the kind of day you want to have!

Use these simple suggestions to make your day count from the first moment you wake!


After your mind is in the right place for the day, switch the tone.

This is what I like to call “Wild and Ready.” I turn on upbeat, fun music. Whatever I may be in the mood for that day. Pop, Christian, Rap, Best of the ’90s… Just make it fun, do a jig, laugh at your dance moves in the mirror! Then commence getting ready while you sing to your heart’s content. And sing, girl! Don’t hold anything back; you are building the stepping stones for your day. Once my mini debut for America’s next big star (home edition) is over and I am ready to walk out the door, I check my agenda for the day, gather my things, and head to the car.

Maximize your drive time.

My time in the car in the mornings is dedicated to personal care. Let’s also call it mental health, personal development, and growing my mind. This is when I tune into my favorite podcasts. My top three favorites are This Grit and Grace Life, The Dr. Zoe Show — Redefining Your Superwoman, and She Thrives (if you find cursing offensive, this one probably isn’t for you). These are just my top picks that resonate with me. Listening to them helps me get out of my head, learn something new, and receive encouragement from an outside source. You may not like any of these, and that is fine. There are so many options; find some you like and tune in. I promise you this will become a great time for self-reflection and mental growth.

Find simple ways to make an impact daily.

Once I get to work, I check my emails and see what I need to tackle. Before I do that, I take a quick five minutes and send a thoughtful, positive message to the first five people who come to mind. You never know whose day you might brighten. If they message back and I don’t have time to respond, I get back to them on my lunch break or the next time I have a quick moment.

Ladies, I think a lot of us get tied up in the go, go, go and forget to find the joy in everything. We can get so much more out of our day when our attitude is properly set. Whether you use my tips, tweak them, or discover your own—find a way to find the sweet moments and create a hopeful, optimistic mood for your day. Your life matters, so make your time count!


Article was originally written by Myself for, The Grit and Grace Project Online Magazine

Please Check out their amazing site at to read some amazing and inspiring articles for women who are living this Grit and Grace Life!


Love and Light,


Seasons Change

The older I get it still completely blows my mind how quickly the seems to slip past us. I swear Summer just got here and now it is almost gone. Let me tell you; I AM NOT READY! This Summer was one for the books with my crew and myself. We soaked up all the sunshine, water and even the killer heat was embraced laying in the river as much as we could. We adventured our little hearts out and this season has honestly been one of my all time favorites for my boys and me. We spent countless weekends in “The Wandering Poppy”, our new to us popup camper we got and have been working on all summer. Found some campgrounds we love and some we don’t. We have endured pain, hurt and sickness as well. I have personally went through so many changes this season.


Some were definitely harder than others and they all taught me some tough life lessons. As the seasons change, so do we. Y’all, I have grown so much! I have learned to freaking love myself again! I have learned I am okay being alone. I honestly have learned how to thrive alone; not just survive. I have went to work for myself and I am quickly growing a good business that will provide for myself and my kids like what I need to. I have rekindled an old love that I have always had with Nature and I have embraced that every chance I have had! I have become a mom who listens, slows down, loves hard and most importantly smiles and laughs with my babies again.


When you watch yourself go through tough season we tend to lose that smile and laugh. The first time I caught myself smiling for no reason I knew I was finally headed in the right direction. That direction was found all on my own with deep soul searching. Once you can find that on your own without depending on others you know you are finally healing from those bad seasons of life. As I sit here writing this reflecting back I truthfully have no idea how I did it some days when I was drowning in my depression. All I know is that each day I tried to push harder, do better and be present. Then one day I was there, smiling. With each passing day I just push back. Only I can control how I react to what life throws at me and I hope my boys learn resilience from me. I hope they know that even at my worst I was trying. I was trying for them in all my faults and failures.

As Fall quickly approaches and the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees that carried them so beautifully all season, I want to remember what this season meant for me.

This Summer and this season of life. How they have helped me grow in ways most will never recognize or realize and that is okay. I don’t need anyone else’s validation but I know in my heart how damn far I have come. How hard I have had to fight to get here and how hard I will have to fight to continue to grow. But I am worth it. My boys are definitely worth it and so is the future I will build for us.

The season approaching is already so busy and filled with promises. Things that I can’t wait to see fall into place. Growth that will be amazing to watch unfold. More healing and I am sure heartache. That is the beauty of this chaotic life though isn’t it. For everything that is taken away something gorgeous will come to pass.


It may be hard but it will be worth it! Hang on tight doll, the best is yet to come.

Shine Bright,


7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


Winter is so hard for me. I grew up in Florida. Where our Freezing normally stayed above or close to actually freezing and it didn’t generally stay that way long at all? Life happened and now I am in Missouri where winter is normally beyond freezing, grey and yucky. I struggle with it and honestly it has been something I dread every year. Eight winters here and I am slowly learning how to make it through the bitter months that seem to drag on forever.
So if you also get the Winter Blues like I do then maybe some of these things will work for you as well. I am not saying it will make it all go away but these help it seem a little less brutal.
• Make a winter cleaning list. pick things to tackle during the winter that you maybe didn’t have time for during the summer months. Deep clean one room at a time. Organized all those closets that you hate digging through. It always helps me when I am organizing to make a keep, trash and donate pile. The purging of the old things and deep cleaning helps me feel like I am tackling winter in a productive way.
• Surround yourself with light. Warm lights, open curtains, lamps and when the sun is out bundle up and get some rays. Soak it up when you can!
• Get some house plants. Plants make you feel like you are bringing some of the outside in. They will give you a sense of spring. Not to mention they brighten any room and add filtration to the air in your home.
• Re-decorate or give rooms in your home a face lift. Who has time to have the winter blues if you are giving a room a fresh coat of paint. Moving furniture around or evening giving pictures and art work a new place to hang in your home.
• Make a winter book list and start reading. When you catch yourself feeling low or unmotivated pick up a book and get lost in it.
• Start a workout plan. You can do this at home, a gym, yoga studio or put on some warm clothes and hit the road. Hiking, running and walking can all be fun to do even during the winter. Exercising is going to help you feel better and get those happy endorphins flowing. Even if it as little as following a daily stretching or short yoga routine. There are so many free workout apps, Pinterest workouts or trainers out there that would love to get you on the right track. Trust me once you get started you won’t regret it.
• Find a new hobby! Contact your local art association and see if there are any classes. Start doodling, re-finishing furniture, knitting or sewing. Pick something you think would be fun and start taking steps to learn a new trade. This doesn’t have to be expensive and hey you may even make enough or be good enough to sell some of it and make some extra cash.

I know how difficult it can be to push through these cold and dreary months that seem to drag on forever. However, finding something to keep you busy is key. Not only could you be learning new things you will be starting spring out with a clean house, in better shape and ready to get outside and enjoy all that sunshine and warmer air when it gets here. So this winter instead of allowing yourself to get down in the dumps. Choose to get motivated. Make the best of your time inside and get caught up on all those things that we don’t get done when we are outside soaking in the sun during the spring and summer! Let me know if you have any other ideas. I would love to hear what pulls you through the winter!!

Much Love,

2019 a year for Growth and Healing


You know it is hard to sum up 2018 in my mind. I have tried figuring out the easiest way to do this and I am still at a loss. It was a year full of so much grief, hurt and pain for me. Yet it was also a year of so much self recognition and inner soul searching. I grew in my faith that had become dormant prior to this year. I made some wonderful new friends. I grew closer to family and friends. I worked harder to be a better mother to the three most precious men that God has placed in my life. I guess you could say that it was an emotional year. Full of many Ups and Downs.
The funny thing is. I wouldn’t change a thing. I learned more about myself and I am still learning more about myself. It has made me realize that no matter what we have planned. If it’s not God’s plan it won’t work. He has a big plan for me and though I am not sure just what that is yet I am trusting him and his process.
So here we are, “New Year, New me.” But not so much for me. I don’t want to be New I just want to keep growing myself. I decided a few years back to choose a word for the year. Last year was Embrace. Ironic right? I did try and embrace it all though. I felt it all strongly and processed it with strong will. I allowed myself to fall apart and I embraced how they felt too.
Now I am ready for more! I am ready for my “Growth and Healing”, it was to hard for me to just go with one word. New Year = Healing and growth for me. Inside and Out. Physically and Mentally. What exactly does this mean for me? Where in my mind will this lead me? What Goals will I build with these as my root words?
First of all if there was a tail-tale way for me to know what exactly was in store I would be soaring through this crazy life. 2018 clearly showed me I wasn’t boss in my life and I don’t always have control, but it did show me that I can choose how I react to the things that happen in life and grow from them.
Here we go though. Thinking about 2019 and all my main Goals for the year. Things I vow to work towards and push myself hard to obtain.
Weight loss. I don’t have a number for the scale. I just want to lose weight and become healthy again. My intention is to not have to take so many pills and to be a stronger and healthier version of myself.
Inner Healing. Continue seeking counseling and working with someone to get through my bad habits and past patterns.

Growth with God. This one is huge because I want to be able to truly trust him and build a strong relationship with him. Continuing my daily devotionals, prayers and getting to know more and more about the bible.

My Sobriety. Alcohol has always been how I dealt with anything hard in life. I don’t want this to be a cushion or way of life for me anymore. I am going to fully focus on cutting alcohol from my life 100 percent.

No dating or relationships. This is for me. I know in order for me to truly ever be able to open up or love someone ever again I need to heal completely. I want to find myself in the healthiest mental state then I have ever been before. I have so many things I need to work on within myself before I try to add anyone into that mix. (Disclaimer: God has proven I don’t always have control. If someone comes along it will be without a doubt a God thing!!)

Taking mini weekend retreats where I mediate, pray, write and read. This can be as much as focusing on these things at home the weekends the boys are with their dad.

Write my book. I believe God has given me writing as my talent to help other people. I hope that in finishing my book and getting it out there it can help someone. Even one person would make it worth it for me.

Take my boys on vacation. Somewhere fun and that we have never been.

Work on my finances and building my credit score back up.

Creating moments of happiness that enable me to grow and heal from the inside out.

Trust the process. Trust that what is put out in the Universe is what we get back and I am going to work to put out as much good as I can.

Read and Write as much as I can! These things heal my soul and help me so much. So this girl is going to do them as much as I can.

This never needs to be a Goal or a Resolution because it is simple a way of life for me but taking in every moment I get with my boys and helping them to learn to love the entire process. Raising them is such a gift and blessing for me and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us!!!
There it is y’all. My 2019 goals, all obtainable. All going to allow me to become a better version of myself for my boys and for me.
Grab a cup of coffee and join me as we begin this next journey of our lives. Your girl can’t wait!

Love and Light,