Compassion during Pandemic


We are living through tough times right now and the level of how they affect each of us may be so different, but the fact is we are all going through this together. With constant waves of emotions and processing the stages of the Pandemic we are facing, it is important to keep in mind that we all need to stay calm, extend compassion and show constant kindness. We are all just doing our best to get through this, and doing that as a Community will help us through this process and in the coming months as we recover from the affects that will impact us all.

The unknown is a scary thing to try and grasp, but trust in knowing that we are resilient, and we will rise through this time. Pull together with your neighbors and support one another. Follow precautions and heed advice as we receive it.

Be kind to those you may be around and remember how nice it is to receive a smile. Anxieties are high and a little compassion goes such a long way. Support local as much as you can by using the guidelines set, because we need our local businesses just as much as they need us.

Help those you can that may not be able to do things themselves but practice social distancing. Stay connected through making phones call, social media and video chats. We are fortunate that we have the resources we do, and we should utilize them.

Most Churches are livestreaming their services, start a video chat book club or keep in touch with employees or friends in weekly chats. Most importantly stay safe and stay home if you can! Use this time to enjoy your families. Our Nation is so strong and we will weather this together and recover stronger than ever.

Just don’t forget that we are in this together and need to keep in mind that everyone has different views and opinions. Respect that and respect each other. Do you part in keeping others safe and helping however you can.

Kindness, Compassion, Consideration and Gratitude go a long way. Practice them often.

Love and Light,



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